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The department has numerous “overseas study resources”

“Short-term trainings” at sister schools in Japan
“Exchange programs” at sister schools in Japan
“Study programs” at sister schools in Japan
“Double degree program” which you can obtain 2 degrees both in Taiwan and in Japan within 4 years (2 years in Taiwan and 2 years in Japan)
“Qianlima” scholarship which supports your overseas study in Japan
Other scholarships that assist “Double degree program” and “Exchange programs”



 The department has a variety of “both domestic and overseas internship resources”

Overseas internships:

Okayama city hall (translation), Okayama International Hotel, Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association, Other internships in Japan done at the 2nd semester of the fourth year

Domestic internships:

TB (Japan Travel Bureau) Taiwan Ltd. , Din Tai Fung, Forte Hotel, Ever Rich Duty Free, The One, Global Mall, ITO (International Tour Operation), Hsiang Shan High School, National Hsinchu Commercial Vocational High School, etc.



 The department has multiple equipment and facilities of both software and hardware”

1. An online learning kit assists your self-study of Japanese.

2. Another online system supports your preparation for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

3. An online system called “TDK” assists your preparation for the license of tour guides and escorts.

4. A Japanese culture classroom is useful for culture related lessons.

5. A translation/interpretation classroom is effective in interpretation lessons.

6. A Japanese corner is excellent opportunities to speak with native speakers.





The department has “excellent faculty members” and “practical curriculum design”

1.Excellent Professors:

All full-time professors have doctoral degrees from Japan or world-renowned national universities.

2.Practical Curriculum:

Japanese professors who implement conversation and composition classes teach in small classes. In addition, they adopt a "three-in-one" design of "business, language, and tourism", and attach importance to promoting overseas study and corporate internships.

3.Implementation of Course Diversion:

Taking advantages of an off-campus, full semester internship in the 2nd semester of the fourth year, we will train highly-paid personnel for the international tourism service industry, Japanese speaking tour guides and tour escorts, and other practical Japanese language personnel to support the career development of students.



The department has “excellent academic performance

1.School Evaluation:

The department had passed the " General education and department evaluation of colleges and universities in the First Half of 2013 "


The department has received many scholarships and subsidies from“the Japan Foundation”,“the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association”, the Ministry of Education,  and    " the University College Project for Curriculum Diversion" to subsidize students to study in Japan and promote the implementation of practical courses to help students' career development and employment.


Students in our department had won various awards including first place in the national Japanese debate competition, presentation and translation competition etc.