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The Department of Applied Japanese Language at Chung Hua University was established in 2009, and its predecessor was the Japanese Language Section of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, which was established in 2003. Based on the diverse needs of students for further studies and employment after graduation, the department aims to "applied Japanese language education", and positions itself as a Japanese language department that develops "high-quality teaching and industry-academia linkages", and sets educational goals and core accordingly. The department currently has seven full-time faculty members, two of whom are Japanese. The teaching ratio of Japanese professors is very high, and it cooperates with various international exchange activities and corporate internships to create a high-quality Japanese learning environment.

Teaching Objective

To cultivate Japanese language personnel for manufacturing, commercial and service industries, and for other jobs using Japanese language.

Core Competence

1.Basic Japanese language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, etc.

2.Japanese language skills: Japanese language studies, Japanese literature, Japanese culture, etc.

3.Professional Japanese language skills: professional business Japanese language skills, professional tourism Japanese language skills, professional third foreign language skills, etc.

4.Social Adaptation Skills: Teamwork, communication and coordination skills, problem-solving skills, etc.

Teaching Features

The Department's curriculum is designed to develop students' professional language skills and related knowledge. The first-year and second-year courses focus on training the basic Japanese skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The third-year and fourth-year courses offer professional courses in three fields of "business", "language" and "tourism". Students can study across fields according to their career plans.

Business Field:  To cultivate professional business Japanese language personnel for administrative and sales needs in the trade and technology industries.

Language Field:  To cultivate professional Japanese language personnel for administrative and clerical work in educational institutions, publishing houses, translation agencies, etc.

Tourism Field:  To cultivate Japanese language professionals for aviation, tour guides, hotels, catering etc.

The department's curriculum provides guest speakers from business fields, domestic and international internship opportunities, short-term exchanges with sister schools in Japan, long-term overseas study, and dual degrees in Taiwan and Japan. The department also offers credit for students with a certificate of N3 or higher.

Future Outlook

The department is designed with a major grouping of courses that can be taken in three areas: "Business," "Language,"  "Tourism,". This is complemented by the cross-faculty second majors such as the "Management and Practical Japanese Credit Course" and the "Tourism and Practical Japanese Credit Course," in order to meet the social needs of cultivating high-level personnel for Japanese studies and Japanese language personnel for business, tourism, and various industries. In the future, we will continue to promote international exchanges with our sister schools in Japan, as well as training for students to communicate directly with Japanese people and internships in companies, in order to enhance the cumulative teaching experiences. In that way, we try to provide the best Japanese learning environment, and to become the center of Japanese language teaching in Hsinchu area.